7 Tips on Dealing with an Unwanted Crush ...


Dealing with an unwanted crush is a dilemma that just about everyone has to figure out in their lifetime. In this common scenario, someone is crushing on you but you don’t share his feelings. If you are facing this problem in your life, I’m going to share some good ways of dealing with an unwanted crush.

1. Acknowledge His Feelings

One of the first things to do when dealing with an unwanted crush is to acknowledge the other person’s feelings. If he tells you he likes you, have a bit of compassion for the guy and be polite. Tell him that you are flattered that he thinks so fondly of you and give him a general compliment such as you think he’s a great guy. The compliment will lessen the blow of rejection that you are about to deliver.

Share Your Feelings


Omg one of my best friends is a boy and I think he likes me if she does that will make it so aukward
Ok a guy likes me and I have given him hints that I'm not interested in a nice way. Some how he is not getting the message.. I try to avoid him, but he always waits for me after class to walk me to th...
thank you
ignore him or give some hints so that it less hurt. but if it didnt work, i will totally avoid him.
ok so this is what i went through but when i went through it i ended up liking him and dated him for a day. I then broke up with him because he was getting way too clingy so now he is just being a ve...
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