5. No Confrontations

If you and your ex had been together a long time, it's hard to understand how he can move on so quickly after the relationship ended.

It is gut-wrenchingly painful to know that some other girl is filling the place you held in his life and they are making new memories together. Although you might be tempted to confront him because you wonder if he ever loved you since he moved on so quickly, it's one of the worst things you can do. Instead of confronting him, cut ties with him so you aren't stuck in relationship limbo waiting for him to end things with her.

When Panic Sets in


Going thru this now and it suckjs. Got into a heated text fight with my ex because he started saying how she so much better(personality,disposition ect..)then says" I'm talking about the way you react...
I did what I was not suppose to do. I went to her FB page and saw the flowers and stuff animal that he got her. Plus pic was taken from his place. So upset at myself for looking.
He ended it about two months ago and he's already seeing someone. It's always more difficult for the ladies. The article is right just hard to follow.
I was with my ex for almost 6 years (broken up twice in between) 6 weeks later he has a new gf. Some guys just always need someone and it's really hard not to take it personally! These steps definitely help but!
really needed this!!! just so hard trying to follow these tips
My ex and I have been broken up for about 6.5 months....he just emailed me last week to tell me he has a new gf. We were together for about 2 years. I dont know why, but I am absolutely devastated abo...
me and my just recently broke been together for 3 yrs and dont know wat to do
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