5. Talk to Friends (and Friends of Friends)

This one is slightly more complicated, so you might want to ask your partner if he or she minds. Then again, if you spend a lot of time talking to each other on Facebook and Twitter, it's natural that friends and family will likely start interacting as well. The point is, talk to your love interest's friends online. Maybe they'll vouch for your new boyfriend or girlfriend … or maybe you'll discover details that don't add up.

Don't Go Too Fast


I saw the catfish stories in tv...pity to woman out there..
Heather Jensen
Mm, that's a great tip! :) Thanks for the comment Michelle!
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so great! My girlfriend and I did the same thing. :)
Michelle Board
I like these tips. However, I have learned over my years of dating (on or off- line) that looking up someone, your "person of interest", it's good to check criminal background too. My mother started d...
Fantabulous Gabby
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
My boyfriend and I met on YouTube 2.5 years ago. We fell for each other quickly and luckily we were both very honest with each other from the very beginning. We both consider ourselves very lucky. :)
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