7 Tips on How to Avoid Leading Him on ...


No matter how hard we try to deny it, we have to admit that women are oftentimes very flirtatious creatures with or without any intentions, so if you have this overall problem, don’t worry because I have some tips for you on how to avoid leading him on. Over the years men are have been accused of leading women on, but to tell the truth, women do it just the same! Most of the time it is very unintentional, but it happens. So if you tend to have a very flirty personality, here are some tips on how to avoid leading him on.

1. Don’t Give Him Special Treatment

One of the first tips on how to avoid leading him on is to treat him just like you treat everyone else. If you don’t want him to hang onto the hope that there might be something between you, show him that in your eyes he is in equal status compared to others. Avoid any special treatment, whether it is approaching him first or prioritizing communication with him above others.

Avoid Hanging out One on One


Amina Abdul
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sai soe min htike
Guilty. Thanks for making me a little bit more aware of myself :)
Janet Lee
Good article!
I am doing all the opposite and the guy is still clueless....damn😞
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