4. Learn to Say No

Some boys feel the need to be around their girls 24/7 and some girls just love it! If you aren’t one of those girls, well, honey, time to practice your diplomatic skills!

If you aren’t cool with him walking you home from work/school, being your shopping buddy for the day and whatnot, you should politely turn him down and offer to see him later or another day. There’s no shame in having other plans, not being in the mood or wanting to do something alone and the sooner you accept that, the sooner he will, too!

Show Some Love


Omg this sounds like my boyfriend 100% and it's ironic bc he is the sneaky one doing sketchy secret things online. I'm an open book, maybe too open, but for some reason he is so insecure I'm starting ...
Lil Lovely
I had this one boyfriend who'd always text me, and at first it was really sweet, he'd compliment me here and there, and we could talk for hours. But then after awhile he just always wanted to be with ...
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