7 Tips on How to Deal with Rejection ...

By Heather

How to Deal with Rejection tips aren’t always easy to follow, but with this guide, handling rejection should be a little easier for you. Ladies, nobody likes rejection, especially when it comes to dating. However, learning the ins and outs of how to deal with rejection doesn’t have to be embarrassing or even difficult, you just have to know the right tips! Below, I’m going to explore the top 7 ways on how to deal with rejection that will get you over that rejected feeling in no time at all!

Table of contents:

  1. disassociate yourself
  2. think about 'why?'
  3. learn from it
  4. be aware of your emotions
  5. talk it out
  6. stay active
  7. concentrate on yourself

1 Disassociate Yourself

Learning how to deal with rejection might not be easy, but if you disassociate yourself from the situation, it does make it much easier. Think about something else, don’t allow yourself to dwell on it. Remember, even if you do get rejected for a date, don’t worry – the next guy that comes along could be the one!

2 Think about 'Why?'

One of the biggest lessons that I had to learn when I was learning how to deal with rejection was asking myself why. Why was I rejected? Was there something that I did? Was there something that I could have done better? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what reaction you would have had. Sometimes, thinking about the reason why you were rejected will help you figure out how not to repeat the same mistake the next time you ask someone out!

3 Learn from It

As you can see, learning how to deal with rejection is all about reflection. If you were rejected for a date – learn from it! As I mentioned before, learning and understanding why the person rejected you is an important lesson to not repeating the same things!

4 Be Aware of Your Emotions

If you’re rejected, you never want to make the person feel bad about it. Sometimes, there just isn’t a level of attraction or maybe they are still getting over their ex. There is always a reason for the guy to say no and you just have to take it in stride.

5 Talk It out

Your girlfriends are there for a reason! If you ask a guy out and he says no, vent about it! After all, how many times have your girlies leaned on you when they’ve been rejected? Use your friends and talk it out!

6 Stay Active

Just because you’ve been rejected for a date, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. So what right? There are plenty of men out there for you to go after! One great way for you not to dwell on the rejection is to stay active. Go for a run, go out on the town – anything to get your mind off the guy!

7 Concentrate on Yourself

Let’s say that you’ve been crushing hardcore on a guy and you finally get up the nerve to ask him out. He turns you down. It might feel like it’s the worse thing to happen, but to be honest – a few months down the line, it might not have worked out anyway! Take this time to concentrate on yourself. Go to a spa, get a mani/pedi – take care of yourself and forget about the rejection!

Learning how to deal with rejection might not be the easiest thing in the world to do, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be feeling better in no time! Everyone in the world has to learn how to deal with rejection at some point in their life, so make sure that you take your rejection with a grain of salt and know that you are fabulous! So ladies, anymore tips that I missed when it comes to rejection? Share ‘em!

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