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It's always hard to think about walking away from a relationship, but I'm here to share some tips on how to decide if it's time to break up. The best advice I can give you is to get really clear if you are just enjoying being in a relationship or enjoying who you're in a relationship with. If being in a relationship is what makes you happy it isn't fair to you or the other person to stick around. No one wants to be hurt, but it is worse to lead someone on by staying with them when you don't want to be with them. Man up and read how to decide if it's time to break up.

1. You're Not Having Fun

It's really hard to enjoy being in a relationship with someone when you aren't having fun with them. It's not just about doing fun dates or trips, it's the fact you aren't having fun in each other's company anymore. When you rather go spend time with your girlfriends or alone than with your boyfriend it's definitely one of the signs you need to watch out for on how to decide if it's time to break up.

No Sex


Super helpful
Distance seems to always keep happening ... and it's the most confusing thing ever.
Antoinette Couston
It's just frustrating when he'd rather spend time with others than with you and our 13mth old baby, under the excuse of o u don't respect, u talk back, u do this u do that. It's just pathetic on my pa...
😋😋I like this article!
With all due respect, I believe that the second statement, 'No sex' is very stupid. A relationship isn't just about sex or whatsoever.
I've decided to end it, it wasn't out 😔
@Guadalupe good luck doll, you've got this!
I really needed this today. I'm ready to move on. A guys who doesn't need or want me doesn't deserve me. Even more so after a year of me loving him unconditionally, I shouldn't be punished forever for...
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