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How to Find a Boyfriend can be hard if you have no idea where to look or how to act. Many girls think that they need to become someone else completely when they are trying to figure out how to find a boyfriend, but that is simply not true! Below, I am going to outline 8 tips and tricks that will help you learn how to find a boyfriend and create a relationship that will last!

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Be Realistic

When you want to find a boyfriend, you have to be realistic about your expectations on looks, body type and even the time frame. Do not expect that you are going to find a guy right away or that he is going to look like Brad Pitt. Guys do not expect you to look like Miss Angelina, so don't hold them to that same standard. Even if there is not an immediate attraction pull, that could come later.


Drop the Ex Talk

Don't you hate it when a current boyfriend talks to and about his ex all of the time? Trust me girlies, guys hate it too. If you are still in love with your ex, you probably should not be on the hunt for a new guy and should not be reading up tips on how to find a boyfriend; instead, you should be chasing your ex. Nix the ex talk if you are looking for someone new so that you can have a fresh and clean start!



Believe it or not, a lot of girls actually forget their manners -- not only when they go on a date but also when they think they aren't being watched. You can meet a guy anywhere, so always, whenever you are out in public, make sure you are using your manners. We're ladies first girlies, so make sure that is displayed all of the time!


Find Someone Similar

While you do not want your clone when you are learning how to find a boyfriend, you do want someone that is going to have similar tastes and likes as you. Find someone that perks your interest and someone that you could see yourself with long term. You want a boyfriend that is going to make you laugh, someone that is going to make you smile and make you very happy.


Don't Talk Too Much

This is the first common mistake that a lot of girls make. They think that they need to make up for dead air or a low conversation point by talking about everything and anything. When you are on a date or even just talking to a guy, there can be comfortable silences and typically guys like this. Just chill out on your word count and you should be fine!


Don't Be Afraid to Be Girly

This generation is all about girls acting a lot like guys – I am not sure why that is so appealing but trust me, guys like girly-girls sometimes. They want someone that takes pride in their looks, someone that takes care of themselves and someone that is strong and independent as well. You can still be sharp as a knife, but make sure that you still need the guy to kill that spider in the bathroom – it makes them feel wanted. If you want to learn how to find a boyfriend, you don't have to dress in ribbons and bows or make yourself uncomfortable, just remember that it's okay to be a girl, too.


Hold off on Sex

Do not – and I repeat: do not -- jump every single guy that you meet. Life is not Jersey Shore, you don't need to have sex after just knowing them for a couple hours. Hold out as long as you can on sex, especially if you really like the guy. It'll make all of the difference in the world, I promise!


Be Flexible

This does not mean that your body needs to be flexible, I mean be flexible on times. This is a really important aspect when you want to know how to find a boyfriend. If the guy changes the time of a date or has to work a little later, in the beginning, be understanding. A huge turn off for a guy is a girlfriend that does not go with the flow and that they have to explain everything to. If you feel like he is constantly blowing you off though, call him on it!

Ladies, these tips and tricks on learning how to find a boyfriend not only work, but they have helped me so many times, when I was not in a steady relationship. Everyone is looking for someone at some time in their life and in this generation, it is hard to make the first move. Just take some of these tips on how to find a boyfriend to heart, it will make all of the difference. How did you ladies meet your current or even your ex boyfriends? If you have any insight on how some single girls can meet some guys and any other tips on how to find a boyfriend, sound off and share!

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ive never had aboyfreind but theirs this guy i relly like who goes to my school and in some of my classes how to i get him t really like me? x

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