10 Tips for Smart Women πŸ€“ Who Need Help ❓ Finding Love πŸ’˜ ...

Some men find smart women intimidating. Sad, but true. This can make even the smartest woman feel insecure in the field of love. Does it mean you will only find love with a smart man? No! Intellectual equality doesn’t have to be a major factor in your relationship. If you can find someone who loves you but also stimulates you, makes you laugh, protects you and admires you, and you reciprocate, smarts won’t get in the way of that. Here’s how to put your brain power to work to find love.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

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Many women, even smart women, make the mistake of pretending to be what they think is their crush’s ideal instead of letting them see the real elements of their personality. This is detrimental in two ways: the first being that you are suppressing your true self and sacrificing your authenticity for the hope of love; and the second being that even if you do make a connection with a person, the connection is based on falsehoods. You will only find your true love by being nothing but yourself.

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