7 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Buy You a Drink ...


If your wallet is tight on a night out, and you see a handsome guy eyeing you at the end of the bar, you may want to read these tips on how to get a guy to buy you a drink. After all, who doesn’t want free drinks? But at the end of the night, remember to drink responsibly and stay focused on your magical conversation. Take my advice, and get the secret scoop on how to get a guy to buy you a drink.

1. Get Him to Notice You

The number one tip on how to get a guy to buy you a drink is to first get him to notice you. Make yourself look sexy by showing a bit of cleavage, applying some lip gloss, or subtly playing with your hair. Start dancing with your friends and make eye contact with him. Give him a sign that says that you are interested in him. He’ll hopefully take the hint, and head your way. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll buy you a drink.

Flash Him a Little Smile


@Neecey To put this down to merely 'the way of the sexes' is continuing to perpetuate inequality. I find the amount of gender generalisation in your post appalling. I don't believe that not expecting ...
Seriously? How disappointing.
Have to agree with holly. This article is a bit ridiculous! I am not THAT desperate for free booze ;)
Neecey Beresford
@holly, Calm down dear. Yes women are empowered and this article isn't saying you shouldn't be. BUT, it is a fact that some women believe that a man should buy the first drink AND, some men would be s...
I'm not normally one for a feminist rant, but this article is a little ridiculous. Basically we should whore ourselves out for free alcohol?? Flirt, put on some lippy and he will buy you drinks? I hav...
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