7 Tips on How to Spot a Catfish Online ...


Knowing how to spot a catfish online is an absolute necessity in the modern dating world. A catfish refers to a person engaging in an online relationship while posing as someone else. If you haven't yet seen Catfish, I suggest you go view an episode! As you will see, not knowing how to spot a catfish online can mean you spend weeks, months, or even years falling in love with someone who isn't what they say they are. Once acquainted, it is time for you to learn how to prevent yourself ending up on MTV yourself:

1. Skype

If you can nail this one, you don't really need to know how to spot a catfish online. Once you have Skyped someone, you can be sure that they are the right gender for you! Even better, you can find out if they're the right age. Skype also allows you to assess your chemistry. Let's face it, IMs and texts create chemistry in your head--not the real world.



@Coco, hey, on facebook a hot smart sexy young guy approached me. I do prefer ethnic men, and could marry a genuine soul from India but 90%, 95% are scams. I scrutinized his pics, my relatives said he looked 16, he wouldn't Skype. I. distanced myself. .
Sometimes I think I'm dealing with a catfish thing too I think my guy is younger then he says he is but a lot of things check out okay and he has trouble with wanting too meet me, he wants too.
Neecey Beresford
@Daiana Saracu, If you right click on a picture you get the option to "search google for this image" - the search will bring up all the places where the picture is displayed. You can then click on any...
I wonder if there are any Catfishes in the online dating scene.
Daiana Saracu
what is a "reverse image search"?
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