4. He Doesn’t Read Your Thoughts

Don’t expect him to read your thoughts! This is the biggest mistake you can do when it comes to telling someone you like him. Don’t just think that he can figure out what your feelings are by your behavior! No one can read anyone’s thoughts. Also, some people may not pay too much attention to other people’s behavior, so he might not receive your message. The best thing to do is to just go and tell him you like him. He will surely appreciate your courage.

Become His Friend First


Really it will help me out?
I have a crush give me some advice?
George G Bonck
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George G Bonck
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Jazzi Meacock
The same old tips ah mine has adhd so it's harder to talk to him
I told my crush I liked him on snapchat and I was way to shy to talk to him so now he dosnt like me anymore how would I get him to like me again without sounding needy ???😔
@Yeela , I think you should keep writing to him and become friends and after if you still like him, tell him!
I actually wrote to him yesterday and he answered me with a kissing emoji but now when I'm trying to build up a conversation he seems to be very distanced... What should I do ? Keep talking to him ? W...
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