7 Tips on Kissing with Braces ...


Teens aren't the only ones who need tips on kissing with braces. Plenty of adults wear braces as well, and learning how to kiss when you have them can be difficult at best. When I was younger, I was wild about boys with braces (my biggest crush was named Brandon J. and, alas, I never told him how cute I thought his braces were when I had the chance), and as I recall, every boy I ever kissed who had them was inordinately nervous about it. To say any of you from similar fates, check out these great tips on kissing with braces – and don't worry. I promise you that, male or female, you look absolutely beautiful!

1. Go Slow

Going slow is probably the most important tip on kissing with braces. If you don't rush into the kiss, you'll do find. Going slow will give you and your partner the opportunity to get a feel for one another, to find out what's where, and how far you can go, i.e. in terms of applying pressure.

Don't Push


I have braces but I'm too young to kiss
these are really great tip's for people with brace's .the kids get locked and things all the time and girl that said her boy friends didnt notice them he must not pay attition to much them
I have braces too and I just wanted to say: French kissing is doesn't hurt with braces! (at least I never had any problems) My boyfriend said I am the first girl with braces he's ever kissed and that...
Just got braces last week. Can't wait to try out these tips with my boyfriend. ;D
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