9 Tips on the Next Step after Youve Asked Him out ...

By Heather

9 Tips on the Next Step after Youve Asked Him out ...

Learning all about the next step after you’ve asked him out is difficult! It’s hard to tell what to do after you’ve finally taken the time and built up the confidence to ask your crush out. If you’re pondering what the next step after you’ve asked him out is, I’ve got all of the top dating tips below! We’ll go over everything from setting a date all the way to how long you should wait to call him again. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat when you asked him out girls!

1 Set a Date

First, set a date! I can’t stress this enough. A lot of the times, the girl will ask him out, but then forget about setting a date and it lingers there. After you ask him out, why not immediately set the date there? That is a great way to not leave things lingering!

2 Pick Something You Both like Doing

The date matters girls, you don’t want your first date to just be dinner and a movie. Why not do something that you both like? Are you outdoorsy? Are you looking for a way to incorporate arts and crafts? Find a common ground and stick with it! He wants to go out with you because he wants to get to know you, so show him what you like to do!

3 Be Confident, He Said Yes!

This is absolutely one of the most nerve-wrecking things to deal with – asking someone out. If he said yes though, why are you not confident in yourself? You conquered your fear girls and he didn’t reject you! This should make you feel on top of the world and super confident!

4 Look Amazing but Dress for the Date

This is one of the biggest dating tips that I had a hard time following when I was in the dating scene: dressing amazing, but dressing for the date. If you are going horseback riding, you don’t want to wear a skirt for that. So remember, you still want to look amazing, but you definitely want to dress for the date.

5 Don't Tell Your Friends Right Away

Your friends are great, but when you ask him out, you don’t want to scare him away by having your friends involved. After you ask him out, why don’t you wait a little bit before telling your friends, that way it can sink in. Keeping it to yourself might be the best bet, in the beginning; you don’t want to overwhelm your guy!

6 Don't Stress if He Doesn't Call Right Away

Girls, this dating tip is all about you and your stress – don’t! If he doesn’t call within a couple hours after you ask him out and set a date, don’t worry! You should only worry if he doesn’t call you or show up the day of the date. That’s the only time you should worry about it. Relax!

7 Have Him Pick You up

This one might seem like a great idea, but truthfully, if you two meet at the date spot that might be a good option too. For me, I am a little old-fashioned and I want someone that is going to come to my place and pick me up. It’s a thrill and it’s a chance to show off your place a little – if you want to let them in!

8 After the Date Don't Call Right Away, Let Him Call

Now that you’ve went on the date, what do you do after that? Don’t call! You don’t want to seem too desperate and you do want to make sure that you leave him wanting more; so relax, chill out and just let him call you. If he doesn’t after a couple days, maybe call him and casually see what he is up to!

9 Make Him Ask You out on the Second Date

Finally, you don’t always want to be the one asking him out, you want to make sure that he is asking you out too, so don’t ask him out for the second date. He needs to do a little work here too girls and making him ask you out is a great way to keep some mystery about yourself!

So, there you have it, all of my top next steps after you’ve asked him out. Have you ever asked a guy out? What did he say? What other next steps after you’ve asked him out do you follow?

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