7. Do You Trust Him?

It all comes down to this question: do you or do you not trust your boyfriend? Do you think he would hurt you when he knows you're so worried about getting cheated on? If you truly believe he would never do something so cruel to you, then that should be a reminder to relax.

It can be difficult to trust someone when you know that people are unpredictable, but you have to do it in a healthy relationship. Do you trust your partner, or do you worry about him cheating?


@mabelle.. I have a problem of breaking up. What will you do if you have first time sex with a guy and that forces you not to broke up with him??
@Shaila palete, I hope I am making you feel better somehow
@Shaila palete,Β If you think that you relationship with him is not making you grow as a person, I think it is time to break up with him. If he is giving you reasons to doubt him, I think it's to give each other some space to breathe.
Shaila palete
@mabelle..what if hes cheating on me? What should I do? Does break up the solution for me to easily move on?
@Shaila palete, i think it is recpecting his space and solo time? Not sending too much messages asking him about his whereabouts
@Winnie, If he has already cheated on your, I think it's hard to trust him again.
@Daca, i hope this is now causing issues between you and your boyfriend. If a lot of people are already telling you that, you can ask him directly and then believe on whatever he tells you. This is for your own peace of mind
Shaila palete
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