34 Tips to Get a Guy to Text You Back ...


34 Tips to Get a Guy to Text You Back ...
34 Tips to Get a Guy to Text You Back ...

There you sit, clutching your phone, waiting on that little noise to indicate you have a new text message. You wait and wait, but so far, no messages have come. What should you do? How do you get him to text you? If this describes your current situation, here are 29 tips to get a guy to text you back.

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Play a Little Hard to Get and Don't Text Back Right Away

hair,face,nose,blond,mouth, I know this is difficult, but it works. When he does text you, don’t immediately respond. Wait a few hours (you CAN do it!), and then casually write him back.


By playing it cool, you increase your intrigue. He'll be wondering why you're not at his beck and call, which often makes you more attractive in his eyes. It's all about striking the right balance—be engaging but not too eager. Remember, it's not about playing games but rather giving the impression that you're leading a full, vibrant life beyond your phone screen. When you finally reply, keep it light and flirty to maintain his interest. Patience is key, as this little dance of delay can significantly heighten anticipation.


Don’t Blow up His Phone, Either

screenshot,don't,like,kept,waiting., If your guy has sent you a text, answer it and then play it cool. It is not a good idea to fire off three or four texts to him continuously one after another. The goal is to make him want to talk/text with you.


Talk about Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies

person,love,sleep,sleep,sai, When you do talk/text with him, make sure you have things to talk about in your life. You don’t want him to think that he is all that you think about and that you don’t have a life outside of him. Be interesting!


But Ask about His Interests, Too

hair,nose,hairstyle,romance,interaction, It helps to have a conversation if you understand a little about the things that he is into. Does he like the guitar? Try learning a few things about it too so that you can chat with him the next time he brings it up.


Never Make Promises You Don't Intend to Keep

Netsis,person,screenshot,speech,conversation, Do NOT promise to do things with him that you do not mean. Although some girls use these types of promises for the ‘shock value’ it gives totally the wrong impression.


This tip is crucial when trying to get a guy to text you back. Making promises that you have no intention of keeping will not only give the wrong impression, but it will also damage any potential relationship. While some girls may use this tactic to grab a guy's attention, it is not a sustainable or honest way to form a connection. It is important to be genuine and sincere in your interactions with someone you are interested in. Making false promises will only lead to disappointment and mistrust in the long run. Instead, focus on building a genuine connection and being true to yourself.


Don’t Send Any Photos You Might Regret Later

hair,face,nose,black hair,hairstyle, As badly as you want to hear from him, do NOT send him any pictures of you that you wouldn’t want to be shown to multiple people. Trust me, he will not keep them to himself. I promise.


Find out His Opinions and Ask His Advice

person,screenshot,speech,god,need, Guys love to problem solve. If there is a situation you’re struggling with, ask for his help. He will jump at the opportunity to ‘fix it’.


Don't Cling or Come off as Needy

Did,you,know,Sent,texts?, If you haven’t heard from him for a while, don’t make demands or questions such as “where were you?,” “why did you take so long to text back,” etc. Remember, you want him to think you have a life outside of him. Guys hate neediness.


Make Sure You Always Have a Plan B

meal,Can't,you,see,I'm, When the guy you're pining for doesn't text you back, your life can still move on. Then, if he texts you while you're out, you'll appear busy, popular, and in high demand. Go out often—with friends, or on casual dates with other guys— and post pictures on your social media so that he knows your world doesn't revolve around him and sees just how desirable you are!


Realize Your True Worth and Know How Valuable You Are

person,HERES,THE,DEA,AWESOME, You are far too valuable to sit around and wait on a guy if he isn’t going to respond with the same care and attention that you give to him. Don’t let yourself be stuck at home wishing for him to respond if he isn’t ever going to. Move on and find someone who will treat you like the princess you are!


Don't Stalk Him Online or Offline

After,guick,SGCIn,Facebook,,Twitter,, With all of the new and fresh privacy features on Facebook changed, there are tons of new ways that anyone can stalk anyone else -- as long as you two are friends! Don't do it! If you see him check in somewhere? Don't automatically go there! It isn't worth the embarrassment and it's a surefire way to make him not text you back.



Stalking someone online or offline is not only creepy, but it can also have negative consequences. With the constant changes in privacy settings on social media platforms like Facebook, it's easier than ever to track someone's every move. However, this behavior is not only invasive but also a major turn-off for guys. It can make them feel uncomfortable and even scared. Additionally, constantly checking their social media activity can give the impression that you are too clingy and have no boundaries. So, instead of stalking, focus on building a genuine connection with the person and respecting their privacy.


Keep Your Texts Light and Casual

hair,facial expression,person,blond,smile, Keeping it casual whenever you are texting is very important. You don't want to bring up a serious topic like how he thinks you look or how much you like him through texting. Never, ever put your feelings through texting -- it can only end in misunderstanding!


Avoid the Dreaded Text-fight at All Costs

person,muscle,THISKUTTENE,Like,I'm, Similar to the keeping it casual, why would you ever try to pick a fight through texting? While you might not be at that point in your relationship or friendship, if you are upset about something, let him know via phone, not through texting!


Some Things Deserve a Phone Call

person,speech,official,Yes,mayp, Texting is in right now, but how many times have you actually called your crush? How many times has he called you? Keep in mind, texting is one thing but actually hearing the voice behind the texts is important too!


Certainly, a phone call can be a little nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to someone you have a crush on. But think about the warmth you feel when you hear them laugh or the butterflies you get when they say your name. That personal connection can deepen your relationship in ways mere text on a screen never will. Embrace the excitement and pick up the phone. Your confidence in making the call might just impress them and take things to the next charmingly old-school level. Just remember, balance is key – don’t overwhelm, but don’t be afraid to dial either!


Showcase Your Wit in Your Texts

Well,,you're,all,boring,and, Who doesn't want to be with someone who can make them laugh? Show your crush that you have a sense of humor, and I bet he'll be more inclined to send a reply!


Cultivate a List of Unexpected, Unusual, and/or Compelling Openers

screenshot,sense,like,you,making, The simple "Hey." "What's up?" and various emoticons have all been played out long ago! To get someone to engage in a conversation with you, you should something unexpected! Show him that you’re more than just a pretty face and send him the link to an interesting article or interview, just send something unexpected that will pique his interest!


A Good YouTube Video is Never a Bad Idea

face,beauty,head,lip,Check, Everyone loves YouTube! If you're with a guy who doesn't like YouTube, then he probably isn't the right guy! Send him the link to an amazing song, fascinating newscast, or anything you think might spark his curiosity. If he likes the video, he's destined to reply.


Try Not to Make Things Uncomfortable or Awkward

fashion,you,say,drown,myself, No one wants a potential girlfriend to be "awkward". That means no long rants, no opening up too quickly, and no talk about exes. Also, like they always say, avoid the topics of politics and religion, at least for now. These aren't the sort of things you would want to read about in your free time, so if you want him to reply, don't make him feel uncomfortable.


Send a Random, Light-hearted Text Once in a While

screenshot,action film,oure,cute!,ewo0000, Basically, send him something that will make him smile. Don't drop any hints, or show any ulterior motive. Simply send him a light-hearted text, maybe about a quote from a movie or just a clever observation you know will make him laugh.


Sharpen Your Flirtation Skills Throughout the Conversation

sense,How,you,doin?, There's no shame in being flirtatious! After all, at this stage in your relationship, flirting is exactly what you're supposed to do! Don't shy away from being a little suggestive and flirty, he will probably love it!


Keep the sparkle in your messages with playful banter and light teasing. Whether it's through a mischievous gif or a cheeky compliment, maintain that electric energy. Remember, the key to successful flirting is balancing confidence with genuine interest. Send a wink his way with your words and let him read between the lines—a little mystery goes a long way. And if the moment feels right, toss in an inside joke or a reference to a previous conversation to show you’re paying attention; it's the perfect blend of wit and charm.


Keep Your Texts Relevant, Interesting, and Original

image,album cover,THATS,NOT,CUTE, Girls, guys, parents, family—no one likes a bothersome person in their life! Don't bombard your guy with "nonsense" texts. I mean, every hour he shouldn't pick up his phone and see a "Good morning" "Thinking of you" "Can't wait till Saturday" or anything of the sort. That can get downright annoying and he might be less inclined to reply to any of those.


Don't Wait around for Him to Text You All the Time, Though

hair,hairstyle,blond,I'm,not, That being said, you have to text him. You can't just text him once and mope around waiting for a reply. Perhaps the first time you texted him he was busy at work and forgot to reply. You do that all the time to your friends and family, don't you? It's natural to be forgetful, and you shouldn't hold that against him, so if you want a guy to text you back, make sure you actually text him!


Stay Engaged in the Conversation

color,face,facial expression,hair,nose, Throughout the conversation, don't drift topics unless it's natural. If you REALLY want to talk about yourself, don't suddenly shift the conversation from him to you. That comes off as self-centered and a bit obnoxious to the guy you're texting. He doesn't want to feel like you're talking to him just to talk about yourself, so you should stay engaged in the conversation.


Adopt a Go-with-the-flow Texting Attitude

selfie,I'm,just,going,with, Building on staying engaged, make sure you go with the flow during the conversation. Don't force anything; that will only make things awkward and end the conversation sooner.


Make It so That He's Reluctant to End the Conversation

black and white,monochrome photography,monochrome,muscle,film noir, Don't reply with a simple "haha" or "ok". That basically shuts the door right on the conversation! You don't want to make it so that he can't reply, so make sure every text you send has some substance, asks a question, or introduces a new topic of conversation.


Know the Perfect Time to End the Convo Yourself

person,I'm,boredl,I'm,boredl, While you shouldn't make it too easy to end the conversation, you should also know when to call it quits. Don't remain on a topic that's dying out, because then he might give up on the conversation all together. Instead finish strong while you're ahead, say that you have to go, but will talk to him soon.


Always Give Him Something to Think about

hair,human hair color,blond,supermodel,hairstyle, Right before you end the conversation, make sure you give him something to mull over. After you say, "I have to go, talk to you soon" maybe add "There's something I have to tell you! I’ll tell you tomorrow." That will keep his mind reeling until the next time you text him, when he will definitely reply!


If He Never Texts You Back, Move on to the Next One

hair,person,blond,brown hair,mouth, Has your crush ever, ever texted you back? If not, I think it's time for you to move on! It's time for you to really consider not texting him again and instead, finding someone worth it!


Be Yourself and Let Your Personality Shine through the Text

person,singer,singing,please,You, I know it sounds cheesy, but really you should be yourself! You’re an amazing, unique woman whose shining personality deserves attention. You will get the attention you deserve if you just act like yourself.


Frame the Conversation around Your Shared Interests

music,screenshot,Yasmin,you,like, Hopefully, the two of you have something in common. You may know already, depending on how you met, or you may have to dig for common ground as you talk. Once you discover something, though, you have a better chance of getting him to text you back.


If He's Busy, Respect His Space and Don't Send Messages

hair,hairstyle,mouth,blond,muscle, Expect the same respect, of course. You know how irritating and frustrating it is to get a bunch of messages when you're busy, so it's really just the golden rule. If you don't know otherwise, just try to avoid texting too often between traditional work and school hours – between nine to five, say.


It's Okay to Send a Sexy Text … in the Right Context

person,screenshot,What,are,you, You know when it feels right, you know when it feels comfortable for you, so just make sure you're not making your texting partner uncomfortable. Don't send a sext if you know he's at work, with his family, or at church or something. Other than that, do what feels right and use your judgment.


Have a Plan in Mind when You Get in Touch

human hair color,hair,facial expression,blond,person, Sometimes, you have to bait the hook. What that means is, text with purpose. Suggest a few activities, and make them not just interesting, but irresistible. Tempt him with tickets to a Renaissance Faire, a movie he's been dying to see, or a concert featuring his favorite band. A canoe trip, a bike ride, a hike – all possibilities. Ditto a visit to the library, the museum, or the local theater.


Stick to the Bullet Points

text,font,screenshot,brand,KELLY, Sometimes, guys respond better to just the facts. They read the first few sentences and skim the rest. Just as you don't want to send a series of texts, you don't want to send an enormous wall of text either. Send a few texts with just the bullets and see how he responds.

Texting can be a valuable tool to get to know someone, to send messages quickly, and to share information. However, it can also be an indicator of how someone feels about you. Text wisely and don’t invest too much of yourself waiting to hear back from one guy. Get out there and live life while you’re waiting to hear from someone and don’t miss out on opportunities because you’re sitting and waiting on a text message. These 29 tips to get a guy to text you back will work. It’s not because they are magic, but it’s because these steps transform you into a confident woman who doesn’t need a man. That is the quality that most guys find absolutely unforgettable! How do you get a guy to text you back?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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Just call

last time i broke up with my bf of 3 years i stayed silent about it. i blocked him on EVERYTHING and lucky for me another really handsome blonde and blue eyed guy pursued me and we started going out.

Lol just what I was looking for ,thanks ,

@Cristina Very True, 😀

he's selfish in the bedroom and I could have spent all this time in my life focusing on myself instead of that needy bastard who doesn't even care about me. remember: never text back a selfish jerk. in fact, u don't even need to break up. say to him...

Wait... Go out with other guys and post photos to social media so he doesn't think your world revolves around him? That totally contradicts itself. I hate that women have a rep of playing games due to advice like this.

It's as simple as that. if you're current man is crap, go sit on some other man's lap ❤️❤️❤️

Then y comment 🤣🤣🤣

"have a beautiful life without me!" and move on. You're not married! if he's just ur boyfriend just find a better man for you. they do it in movies all the time. except in reality some people ignore all the drama. there's no yelling or screaming.


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