21. Keep Your Texts Relevant, Interesting, and Original

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Girls, guys, parents, familyβ€”no one likes a bothersome person in their life! Don't bombard your guy with "nonsense" texts. I mean, every hour he shouldn't pick up his phone and see a "Good morning" "Thinking of you" "Can't wait till Saturday" or anything of the sort. That can get downright annoying and he might be less inclined to reply to any of those.

Don't Wait around for Him to Text You All the Time, Though


"have a beautiful life without me!" and move on. You're not married! if he's just ur boyfriend just find a better man for you. they do it in movies all the time. except in reality some people ignore all the drama. there's no yelling or screaming.
he's selfish in the bedroom and I could have spent all this time in my life focusing on myself instead of that needy bastard who doesn't even care about me. remember: never text back a selfish jerk. in fact, u don't even need to break up. say to him...
@bunny I totally agree! My bf of 3 years (an on and off relationship, super unhealthy) wanted me back just so he could have sex with me. he said he loved me and said all these romantic things. turns out he never texts or calls me anymore. he's selfish
Wait... Go out with other guys and post photos to social media so he doesn't think your world revolves around him? That totally contradicts itself. I hate that women have a rep of playing games due to advice like this.
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Just call
Then y comment 🀣🀣🀣
I have no time for selfish people who just aftet their interest they contact you!!! But after getting what they want they ignore your messages they can go and play somewhere else
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