8. Don't Cling or Come off as Needy


If you haven’t heard from him for a while, don’t make demands or questions such as β€œwhere were you?,” β€œwhy did you take so long to text back,” etc. Remember, you want him to think you have a life outside of him. Guys hate neediness.

Make Sure You Always Have a Plan B


Wait... Go out with other guys and post photos to social media so he doesn't think your world revolves around him? That totally contradicts itself. I hate that women have a rep of playing games due to advice like this.
StylesbyFelicia Styles
Just call
Then y comment 🀣🀣🀣
I have no time for selfish people who just aftet their interest they contact you!!! But after getting what they want they ignore your messages they can go and play somewhere else
Lol just what I was looking for ,thanks ,
Well. Good article.:)
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