9. Make Sure You Always Have a Plan B


When the guy you're pining for doesn't text you back, your life can still move on. Then, if he texts you while you're out, you'll appear busy, popular, and in high demand. Go out oftenβ€”with friends, or on casual dates with other guysβ€” and post pictures on your social media so that he knows your world doesn't revolve around him and sees just how desirable you are!

Realize Your True Worth and Know How Valuable You Are


@Cristina Very True, πŸ˜€
It's as simple as that. if you're current man is crap, go sit on some other man's lap ❀️❀️❀️
last time i broke up with my bf of 3 years i stayed silent about it. i blocked him on EVERYTHING and lucky for me another really handsome blonde and blue eyed guy pursued me and we started going out.
"have a beautiful life without me!" and move on. You're not married! if he's just ur boyfriend just find a better man for you. they do it in movies all the time. except in reality some people ignore all the drama. there's no yelling or screaming.
he's selfish in the bedroom and I could have spent all this time in my life focusing on myself instead of that needy bastard who doesn't even care about me. remember: never text back a selfish jerk. in fact, u don't even need to break up. say to him...
@bunny I totally agree! My bf of 3 years (an on and off relationship, super unhealthy) wanted me back just so he could have sex with me. he said he loved me and said all these romantic things. turns out he never texts or calls me anymore. he's selfish
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