7 Tips to Raise Difficult Issues with Your Spouse ...


Knowing how to discuss difficult issues with your spouse is a great tool to have in your wedding toolbox. Think of this toolbox as essentials you will need that can help you have a successful marriage like listening techniques. Once you learn a few tips on how to discuss difficult issues with your spouse, you will be better prepared ladies the next time a problem occurs.

1. Choose a Good Time

One of the most crucial things when learning how to discuss difficult issues with your spouse is that timing is everything. If the matter isnโ€™t urgent, carefully select the time to have this conversation. Choose a time when you and your spouse are free from any distractions and able to give it your full attention. Avoid discussing it immediately after work or during a scheduled activity such as during a sports game. This small detail can make a big difference in your spouseโ€™s reaction.

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