7 Tips to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day ...


Tips to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day can help even the calmest of brides, and they're definitely helpful if you're feeling stressed and anxious on your big day. No matter what, if you are about to be married, it's important that you read this list of 7 tips to stay calm on your wedding day! No matter how excited, prepared, or ready you are, you will inevitably get a case of the jitters on your wedding day. And some brides really go for the long haul and have anxiety attacks! But with this list handy, you can avoid that entirely and stay calm as a cucumber. Everyone will want to know how you did it! Shhhh it will be our little secret. You will be able to enjoy your special day much more vividly if you aren't distracted by nervous butterflies in your tummy. Here are 7 tips to stay calm on your wedding day!

1. Take a Bubble Bath

For one way to stay calm on your wedding day, start the day out with a relaxing, comforting, familiar ritual. Whatever your thing is, do it! Yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, jogging, or watching the news-keep your routine as normal as possible. This will help you keep focused on one thing at a time and help the butterflies in your tummy to flit away!

Eat a Good Breakfast


*sigh* don't you wish it was that easy..lol for alot of people they worry about what the wedding planner might have forgotten etc. so that's why it says to do it yourself.. but i hear you though... it would make it sooo much easier :)
My advice? Have a wedding coordinator or other assigned person that will handle emergencies as they come up on your wedding day....so you can relax and just enjoy the day.
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