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7 Tips to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day ...

By Jordin

Tips to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day can help even the calmest of brides, and they're definitely helpful if you're feeling stressed and anxious on your big day. No matter what, if you are about to be married, it's important that you read this list of 7 tips to stay calm on your wedding day! No matter how excited, prepared, or ready you are, you will inevitably get a case of the jitters on your wedding day. And some brides really go for the long haul and have anxiety attacks! But with this list handy, you can avoid that entirely and stay calm as a cucumber. Everyone will want to know how you did it! Shhhh it will be our little secret. You will be able to enjoy your special day much more vividly if you aren't distracted by nervous butterflies in your tummy. Here are 7 tips to stay calm on your wedding day!

1 Take a Bubble Bath

For one way to stay calm on your wedding day, start the day out with a relaxing, comforting, familiar ritual. Whatever your thing is, do it! Yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, jogging, or watching the news-keep your routine as normal as possible. This will help you keep focused on one thing at a time and help the butterflies in your tummy to flit away!

2 Eat a Good Breakfast

Even if you don't feel hungry at all, try and have just a little something to eat. Eating is one way to stay calm on your wedding day! Make sure that you include carbohydrates and protein. A bagel with peanut butter or an egg and toast are good choices. Yogurt, smoothies, fruit or cereal are great options as well!


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3 Have an Emergency Kit

The best tip to stay calm on your wedding day is to prepare for disasters SHOULD they happen so you are not freaking out. Rather, you can take action to fix it! So gather a kit with emergency supplies in it to take with you. Some good things for the kit to contain are tampons, pads, hairspray, safety pins, stain removal, extra panty hose, bobby pins, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a blow dryer, curling iron, mini sewing kit, water, energy bars, gum, paper bags, q-tips, cotton balls, Advil and makeup remover

4 Make a Schedule

Want to know an effective way to stay calm on your wedding day? Be organized! If you have a scheduled plan, you won't freak out. You'll know where all your telephone numbers are, where everyone is supposed to be and what time they are supposed to be there. Create a schedule a few days before your wedding and make sure to go over it with all your wedding party and vendors.

5 Leave in Time

It's your wedding day-you will be making enough of an entrance in your gorgeous dress so don't be fashionably late. Leave for the church or wedding location with plenty of time to spare. Give yourself at least one hour more than you think you will need, preferably two. And have your bridesmaids at the church long before you arrive! You need two allot two hours per bridesmaid to get ready. So if you have two bridesmaids, they should get there AT LEAST 4 hours before the wedding. You have to get hair, makeup, jewelry, clothes, last minute arrangements and photos to cram in before the wedding so be prepared! Good timing is an essential tip to stay calm on your wedding day.

6 Expect the Unexpected

No matter how well prepared you are, don't fool yourself into thinking nothing will go wrong. We obviously hope for the best, but the best rule is to prepare yourself for the unexpected. That way when it does happen, you won't be completely caught off guard! And remember, whatever the problem is, it doesn't have to ruin your day. Just relax and enjoy it! You'll more than likely look back and laugh on it.

7 Do It Yourself

One great thing about having a wedding is that you normally have a thousand people to help with little tasks. And that's a great thing! But have you heard the expression "If you want it done right, do it yourself"? Well, it's true! So on the little bitty things, like making sure the programs are rolled and tied with ribbons two days before your wedding, let your mother check up on. But on the important things, like making sure the rings got picked up from the jewelers, or that your dress is steamed and ready, do it yourself. Follow up for peace of mind and I guarantee you that this is a helpful tip to stay calm on your wedding day!

With these helpful tips to stay calm on your wedding day, you're sure to enjoy the ceremony rather than worrying or feeling stressed. Weddings are a fabulous, joyous occasion. And there is absolutely no need to stress needlessly! That's why you need this list of tips to stay calm on your wedding day! Just remember to breathe deep and take it all in. You will look back and wish you had! I truly hope this list of tips to stay calm on your wedding day is a great source of advice to any brides-to-be out there! Do you have any other tips for ladies who are about to be married?

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