7 Tips to Throwing a Great Divorce Party ...


A divorce party is a fun way to move on from the past and welcome in a new chapter in your life. It’s a chance to celebrate and embrace your new-found freedom and all the possibilities that the future holds. If you need a bit of guidance as you are planning this event, here are a few tips that can help you throw a memorable divorce party.

1. Type of Party

Since this is a celebration of your new single life, the type of party is ultimately up to you. It could be a casual low-key party held in your home, backyard, restaurant or local bar. Or it could be a lavish black tie affair with everyone that you know. If you feel that you have missed out on something while you were married, such as a hobby or a place you wanted to visit, you could even use that as a divorce party theme.

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@Bloop yup.
@Maddalena Edipus Pizzonia just because someone makes a decision (or their spouse made it for them) doesn't mean they didn't take it seriously. You can be sad and move on at the same time. It's called...
Maddalena Edipus Pizzonia
divorce party sounds so terrible to me! In Italy we take divorce seriously and is still not a good think I don't understand why you have to party for such a sad thing
Awesome! Never thought of doing anything more than going out to drink, now I must do this :) As cold as it may sound, When I have my divorce party I hope to be in a place where i only celebrate my new...
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