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Top 10 Secret Relationship Fears Revealed ...

By Petra

Are you in your thirties? If so, congratulations - you most likely have a number of relationship fears. One of the leading partnership portals conducted a survey with 3700 respondents to find out the biggest fears people in relationships secretly have. At the top of the list: one’s quality in bed and personal appeal. Men are less prone to relationship fears than women, but they are not immune. Between the ages of thirty and forty, men also have a variety of relationship fears.

1 How Stupid!

Every one in five of the respondents admitted to the fear of not being smart enough for their partner.

Maybe it helps to read a book now and then instead of playing video games all the time.

2 Always on the Clock

Being with a workaholic is not easy. They are never home. Everything is about the job. 20% of the respondents are afraid that the job of their other half is more important than them. The good thing about a workaholic is that someone who works a lot does not have the time to get stupid ideas or do daft things. Well, unless there is a cute colleague, who seems to work late a lot, too. Then, maybe you should worry.

3 Family Ties

Even more threatening than the partner’s job seems to be friends and family; at least for 25% of participants. That makes every fourth person afraid that their partner could find friends and family more important. My opinion: You can’t compare apples with pears! Everyone has a family and for most of us family is important.

4 Money

Almost 30% are afraid that they are not able to offer their beloved enough in the monetary department. Men are more afraid with 33% expressing this concern compared to 27% of the women asked. Money obviously also makes the world of love go round.

5 Adultery

32 % are afraid of adultery. 38% of women and 25% of men gave this as their secret relationship fear.

6 Escape Plans

38% are at least sometimes afraid that the partner could possibly already be planning to leave the relationship. The fear of being lonely or never finding a new partner again is inherent here.

7 Yaaaawn!

Another secret relationship fear is that they are boring. Well, there are some things you can do about it if you suspect yourself to be boring. Keep informed, watch the news, do sports, or copy people you find interesting. Maybe, get off the couch now and then.

8 Do You Still Love Me?

Almost half of people in a relationship – 45% - are afraid that their partner does not love them anymore and does not tell the truth about it.

9 You Look Good Today!

Did your sweetheart compliment you on your looks lately? No? Then maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror. The fear of no longer being considered attractive may sometimes not even be unrealistic. 58% of women and only 41 % of men have this fear.

10 Did You like It?

If the answer is not immediately positive, chances are high that your performance was not the best. The fear of not being good in bed is number one! 55% of women and 59% of men are afraid they lack skill in bed.

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