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There are lots of traits men find attractive in women. When it comes to attraction, we know that it IS the personality that counts. A pretty face can often be deceiving. However, studies have shown that there ARE traits men look for in a woman that to them mean attractiveness. What does it all boil down to? Reproduction. The following YouTube video, published by To Get A Boyfriend, on September 3, 2016, goes on to explain all of the traits men find attractive in women.

Let's talk about the feminine appeal, what makes women physically attractive?

1. Waist / Hip Ratio

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This is directly related to the ability to procreate. Women with a waist/hip ratio 7 to 10 are more attractive to men. The average woman has a waist/hip ratio of 9 to 10. The right ratio is just one of the traits men find attractive in women.

2. High-pitched Voice

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This is linked to youth and is usually associated with a smaller and fertile body.

3. Healthy Hair

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Scientists found that men are more attracted to women who have healthy hair since it is also a sign of sexual health and fertility.

4. Great Smile

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Women who smile more are considered more attractive to the opposite sex. Laughter is also found to be a beautiful trait.

5. Less Makeup

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A more natural look is always preferred to artificial makeup.

6. Red Clothing

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Like women, men also are attracted by red clothing on the opposite sex. This is not necessarily linked to social status, but more to biology and evolution.

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