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Traits of a Man Eater with an Appetite for Broken Hearts ...

By Holly

You might think that being called a man eater is a compliment. However, it's not something that you should aspire to be. After all, why would you want to go around breaking random boys' hearts on purpose? It shouldn't bring you joy to cause other people pain. To avoid becoming a man eater, here are a few of their negative traits that you should avoid developing:

1 Man Eaters Are Impulsive

Man Eaters Are Impulsive Man eaters don't always think before they act. They'll make a move on a man without thinking about the consequences. That can lead to a whole lot of trouble, especially if the man is married or someone that she works with. Of course, she won't care about how many people she hurts, as long as she has a good time.

2 Man Eaters Are Selfish

Man Eaters Are Selfish There's nothing wrong with putting yourself first. However, you shouldn't be so selfish that you purposely hurt others in order to make yourself happy, and that's what man eaters do. They don't care about the men that they're sleeping with. Their main goal is to make themselves happy. That means they'll play games with a man, even though it'll hurt him, because it'll give her something to do.

3 Man Eaters Are Detached

Man Eaters Are Detached Man eaters don't care about other people's feelings. They'll distance themselves as soon as a man shows any sign of emotion, because they don't want to deal with comforting them. They just want to use a man and then leave him to deal with his heartbreak on his own. The worst part? They won't feel bad about it at all, because they don't think that they did anything wrong.

4 Man Eaters Are Fickle

Man Eaters Are Fickle Man eaters change their minds frequently. They'll be interested in one man one day and a different man the next day. They're never satisfied with what they have, because they think that the grass is greener on the other side. That's why they'll always be looking for a better man than the one before.

5 Man Eaters Are Cocky
It's healthy to be confident. However, man eaters will take their confidence to an entirely new level. They'll think that they're so perfect that anyone would be lucky to have them. That's why they think they're doing men a favor by sleeping with them, even if it means that they're ruining a marriage.

6 Man Eaters Are Naughty

Man Eaters Are Naughty It's no secret than man eaters like to be naughty. They're sexual creatures, which there's nothing wrong with. If they'd let their one night stands know that they'd never see each other again, then their antics it wouldn't be a big deal. However, a man eater won't be honest. She'll trick them into thinking she likes them more than she actually does.

7 Man Eaters Are Flirty

Man Eaters Are Flirty There's nothing wrong with being flirty when you're single. You have a right to be playful. However, man eaters will flirt with absolutely anyone. They have no boundaries. They'll flirt with married men, men that they work for, and men they have absolutely no interest in. They enjoy seeing how much they can get away with.

Even though being a man eater sounds exciting, it's not something that you should aspire to become. Do you know any man eaters?

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