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7 Traits That Are Guaranteed to Attract Male Attention ...

By Sabrina

I know, most TV shows and magazines try to tell us that all guys want are big boobs, itsy-bitsy waists, and big butts. But we know that can’t be true; men are people, too! Just like us, there are other personality traits that are guaranteed to attract male attention.

1 Body Confidence

Honestly, he's not going to want your body if you don't! If you feel ugly, you'll project that attitude. However, if you love yourself, you'll appear confident and you are guaranteed to attract more attention from the cute guy across the bar!

2 Well-dressed

Once you feel confident about your body, it’s easier to dress to impress. Show a little skin, if you feel comfortable, or something that's simply eye-grabbing. Colors that pop, like red and electric blue, will make you stand out in a crowd and show that you aren't afraid to be bold. Guys love that!


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2 Playfulness

Even though men tend to think about the future of a relationship less than women do, they still worry about clinginess and cattiness that can grow as the relationship develops when it comes to being attracted to a girl. You'll totally repel a guy if, when you're talking with your friends, he overhears you complaining endlessly and getting all riled up! However, if you act playful and bubbly, you're more likely to attract male attention. Be a lover, not a fighter!

3 Passion

No one wants to date a boring person! You need to show some sort of passion about your own life for him to even think you could be passionate about another person. Talk about the things you love to do, whether it's work, exercise, school, or a hobby. Fervently discuss the activities you love and you're sure to pique someone's interest!

5 Fragrance

So it’s not a personality trait, but at least it’s your choice. You can't always choose your body type or facial features, but you can spritz on some flirty fragrance before you leave the house! Subconsciously, getting whiffs of your perfume will attract a man's attention.

6 Energy

If you seem tired or bored, of course no one is going to try to strike up a conversation with you! Show that you have a zeal about life, and you'll give off a vibe of being open to meeting new people. Be energetic whenever you go out, and you're sure to get some guys to notice you!

7 Intelligence

There's a common misconception that guys don't like smart girls because they're "intimidating." While that may be true for some, any guy you would want to date will appreciate someone who can hold an intelligent conversation! So it’s definitely better for your man of interest to overhear you talking about worldly affairs than shopping.

Take it from someone who knows—attracting the right type of guys isn't always the easiest task in the world, especially when you don't look like Penelope Cruz or Beyonce. But take heart in the fact that there are tons of personality traits that can get a man to notice you and feel attracted, too! How do you grab guys' attention?

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