7 Traits That Are Turn-offs for Any Gender ...

By Holly

7 Traits That Are Turn-offs for Any Gender ...

If you’re trying to find a mate, remember that there are traits that are turn-offs for any gender. You shouldn’t change your personality in order to attract someone, but these traits that are turn-offs are all things that you should avoid doing, regardless of your status. If you want to be the best person that you can be, then try to avoid behaving in the following ways:

1 High and Mighty

Don’t talk down to your partner. By acting like you’re superior to them, you’re bound to hurt their feelings. One of the traits that are turn-offs are people who think they’re the greatest gift to the world. It’s awesome to have confidence, but it doesn’t have to turn into arrogance. No one wants to be with a show off.

2 Overly Aggressive

There’s nothing wrong with having a short temper, as long as you know how to control it. If your anger causes others to run away and hide, then there’s something wrong. You never want to physically harm another person. Since your words can hurt as much as your fists, never emotionally abuse your partner either. You can’t have a healthy relationship if you’re unable to treat others the way they deserve.

3 Ridiculously Rude

See how your partner treats the waiter at your favorite restaurant, or his mother when you visit for dinner. If he’s rude to strangers, then what stops him from being rude to you? Even if you’re the only exception, and he treats you like a princess, do you really want to be with someone that will embarrass you in public? Believe it or not, niceness pays off.

4 Sheer Selfishness

You don’t have to share your food or your clothing. You don’t have to give your partner half of your money. You just have to realize that your partner is an important part of your life. When you’re in a relationship, you can’t only care about yourself. You have to help your partner out when they need you, and be there for them. Putting someone else before yourself can be difficult, but at times, it’s necessary.

5 Can't Change

You’re allowed to have a schedule that you like to stick to, but you can’t be afraid to deviate from it every once in a while. Try to be spontaneous when you can. Every Saturday can be designated to dinner and a movie, but that doesn’t mean that you should refuse to spend a weekend traveling or going bowling. Change isn’t always a negative.

6 So Serious

Even the most professional, stressed out people need a laugh. Why would you want to be with someone that never jokes around? You need happiness in your life. If your partner is always serious, your relationship will feel like a chore. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

7 Constant Complainer

Most of us are guilty of constantly complaining. While your partner won’t mind the occasional criticism of your abundance of work, or your coworkers, you shouldn’t complain about him. If you’re always pointing out the things that you dislike about him, he’s going to get annoyed. You should discuss important issues with him, but don’t complain about every move he makes. If he annoys you that much, then break up.

These are just a few qualities that people tend to despise. What do you consider the biggest turn-off?

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