13 Tricks to Get Him to Stop Thinking That You're a Nag ...


Get him to stop thinking that you’re a nag right now, ladies! Nobody likes a nag and I’m pretty sure I’ve read something about it being bad for your sex life, too. So now that we’ve discovered how bad of a habit this is, let’s do our best to learn how to avoid nagging. I’ve got some great tips to get him to stop thinking that you're a nag right here, and you should definitely check them out.

1. Avoid Using “I Told You so”

Being able to replace the famous “I told you so” with something more supportive is a sure way to prevent at least a few fights. Yes, your significant other has made a wrong decision, he’s definitely mad about it and that’s exactly how things should remain. Kicking him while he’s down won’t only make you a wart-nosed, broom-riding hag but will also enable him to unload all of those bad feelings and leave them at your doorstep, completely forgetting that you’re not the reason he’s down. Be a loving, understanding wife/girlfriend instead! You won’t only get him to stop thinking that you’re a nag (if he ever thought so), but actually do your job in setting the foundation for a healthy relationship in which people consult each other because they want to, not because the other side will freak out if they don’t.

Go for Constructive Criticism


YES! #4! Using \"we\" is a sure fire way to assess or fix a problem in your relationship without placing blame on your partner. It really is a \"magic problem solving trick\"!
Really liked this article too! Great advice! Gods blessing to you all :)
Perfect 👌
This is the article I needed right now! Thank you so much.
Sarah Cleary
I'm a crime to this.. Sometimes I just can't resist the .. 'I told you so' phrase. Ha.
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