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Take Your Relationship from Mundane to Magical with These Tips ...

By Alicia

Does your relationship feel like it’s gotten a little too routine? Maybe it even feels stale or boring. There’s no need to worry. These 7 tips can help you turn your relationship from mundane to magical.

1 Shake up Your Routines

Routines aren’t entirely bad. But getting too attached to one and never doing anything different is where the problems start. Instead of going to the same restaurant every Friday night, choose a new one to try out. Instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning, get up and explore a new area of your city or another city close to you. Doing things just a little differently can make them feel extra special between the two of you.

2 Have a Secret Phrase

Having a secret phrase that means something to both of you is magical. It ups the romance quotient between you and makes you feel special every time you say it to one another. Your secret phrase can be anything and mean anything. It can be another way of saying I love you or a phrase that means you realize how lucky you are to have one another. It’s kind of nice if others don’t understand what your secret phrase means because that makes it an exclusive thing that only the two of you get.

3 Catch His Eye

There’s something very valuable about making eye contact. You can communicate so much to each other without saying a word. It’s been said that eyes are the window to the soul and that’s because they’re so expressive. You can share your feelings of love, concern, confusion and more, simply by making eye contact. It keeps you connected, even in a crowd.

4 Never Stop Flirting

Whether you’ve been dating 10 days or married 10 years, you should never stop flirting with each other. Flirting is magical! It says that you find someone attractive and you’re interested in them. Don’t stop sending that message just because you’re in a committed relationship. Keep your relationship fresh by continuing to flirt!

5 Do the Extraordinary on Ordinary Days

Ordinary days can zap your relationship. It’s perfectly okay to enjoy cuddling on the couch in your PJs while watching reality TV, but you don’t want that to be all there is to your relationship. Make it a point to do some things that are not typical. Have a picnic under the stars or go ice skating and hold hands. Do things that are different and special just because you deserve to experience those things together. These are the things memories are made of!

6 Let Memories Romance You

There’s a lot of magic in your memories. Remembering your first date or your first kiss takes you back to that moment in time. All those butterflies come back to you. You remember how in love you felt and you suddenly feel that way again. Share what your first impressions of each other were and enjoy connecting this way.

7 Never Forget the Gift You Have in Each Other

This is a lesson I’ve learned well, ladies. Gratitude is magical. When you start thinking about how amazing your man is and how many wonderful traits he has, they’ll multiply. Whatever you focus on grows. Make a decision to focus on all the great things about your guy and the magic will never end for your relationship.

These are 7 ways to take your relationship from mundane to magical. What keeps your relationship magical? Share your tips!

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