3. Crazy Criticism

Sometimes, your partner might have some feedback for you. Constructive criticism isnโ€™t just a work thing. It could be that your partner thinks you are away too much, or working too hard, or not pulling your weight at home.

It could be that youโ€™ve got lax with showering, or they donโ€™t feel that you are attracted to them anymore. And this kind of feedback can be hard to hear, but you need to take it on board and not lash out in revenge. Refusing to hear criticism, or accept it, will lead to the issues getting bigger and resentment festering. Work together to resolve the issues, and avoid letting your pride cause more problems.

Passive Aggressiveness


I think saying things like, "my man," or " my woman," aren't really meant to be possessive. It just expresses that you are proud of your Significant Other and shows both unity and commitment.
Shannon Bauer
I need my life back
My parents do everything except the possessive "mine"
peony blue
Passive aggressive behaviour is a big no no. It makes people look bitter especially women. You start taking that dreadful behaviour to other relationships. Stop!!!!OK ownership bad one. Especially whe...
Welcome to the real word!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž
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