Types of Breakups You May Experience in Your Life ...


Types of Breakups You May Experience in Your Life  ...
Types of Breakups You May Experience in Your Life  ...

human action, person, face, sleep, mouth, Did you just suffer a bad break up? Don't worry, you're not alone! Everyone has been there, and you might have to go through something similar again. If you've never broken up with someone, just wait—your day will come, too! No matter how many breakups you experience, they are all different and you have to deal with them in different ways. Here are a few of the most common types, as well as some tips for how to make the recovery go smoothly.

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The Ideal Breakup

human hair color, hair, blond, face, person, It sounds like an oxymoron...how can a breakup be ideal? Obviously there will be some drama, a few tears, and maybe emotional scars involved, but the "ideal breakup" is essentially a mutual one. No one is the victim and no one is to blame. You simply didn't work out and decided, together, that you weren't meant to be together. In order to deal with this situation, try to focus on the positive memories, but be realistic and don't fantasize about your time together as if it were perfect. Dealing with the breakup in a practical way will help you move on even faster.


The Blindsided Breakup

Podemos, phenomenon, screenshot, EAT, PAIN, Everything was going perfectly fine until it wasn't. You were totally blindsided and emotionally unprepared for this breakup. Maybe the signs were there and you just didn't see them, or there simply were no signs. Either way, you feel confused, angry, and sad all at once. The solution? I'll give you a clue, it's not at the bottom of the ice cream tub, so put down the spoon! In order to get over a blindsided breakup, the first step is communication. No, not with your ex, with yourself! Really do some thinking about how you're feeling, remind yourself that it's over and that you can never go back to exactly how things were. It also helps to go "cold turkey" for a while; don't text your ex and try to start a friendship right away because lingering emotions will just complicate that.


The Temporary Breakup

clothing, dress, gown, supermodel, fashion, Does it really count as a breakup if it's just the time between lunch and dinner? These on again off again relationships can be annoying, but you might find yourself in one one day. The key to avoiding constant temporary breakups is to deal with arguments in a mature way. Don't let tiny lovers' spats cause World War III. Talk about your feelings and concerns. Remember that it's okay to argue as long as you're both respectful of each other's opinions and end in compromise rather than a breakup.


The Awkward Breakup

black and white, photograph, shore, sea, monochrome photography, This breakup just makes you say "Wait, what?" Whether it's a text, a snapchat, or even a sticky note, the awkward breakup is similar to a blindside, only worse in some ways. I think the best way to deal with this is just laugh and move on. Your ex is not worthy of your time, because if someone was truly serious about your relationship and cared about you, they would never cause a breakup like that.


The “Get Me out of Here!” Breakup

facial expression, person, image, woman, photography, This relationship has been doomed for a while and you finally escaped. Regardless of the issue, your ex just wasn't the right person for you. Now you're free to roam the nightclubs of the world and kiss random cuties as you please! Celebrate the end of this breakup with a fun GNO, some wine, and chocolate. The most important part: don't look back.


The Heartbreaking Breakup

screenshot, Just, because, can't, together, What if your ex wasn't a jerk, the breakup wasn't awkward, and there are no hard feelings? Then you'll probably experience heartbreak. It's like living the scene in romantic movies that always makes you cry—every day. When you're actually in love with someone and tragedy or unfortunate circumstances tear you apart, dealing with it can seem impossible. Rely on your friends and family for support and look for strength within. You are stronger than you think and you can get through this!


The “He Had It Coming” Breakup

facial expression, hair, face, black and white, black, This is another type of breakup that can leave you with intense emotions, only now it's anger rather than sadness. Your ex did something unforgivable to cause this breakup, whether that was cheating on you or eating your pizza without permission, something happened that breached your trust and things had to end. After this breakup, try not to dwell on your negative emotions because it isn't healthy and simply doesn't help anything. You're better off single than with your ex, so just embrace the single life and cut your ex out of it.

Breakups are tough, but unless you're one of the lucky ones who meets your soulmate when you're 16 and stays with them until you're 90, you'll have to experience a breakup or two. Which types of breakups have you had to deal with? What advice do you have for relationship newbies to prepare for their first breakup?

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Excellent article. How do you get your article posted here.

There is an important one missing. The "ghosted" breakup. When they simply just disappear on you.

Oh yea I've been ghosted 🙄🙄

Ghosted or iced are the worst.

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