3. The Temporary Breakup

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Does it really count as a breakup if it's just the time between lunch and dinner? These on again off again relationships can be annoying, but you might find yourself in one one day. The key to avoiding constant temporary breakups is to deal with arguments in a mature way. Don't let tiny lovers' spats cause World War III. Talk about your feelings and concerns. Remember that it's okay to argue as long as you're both respectful of each other's opinions and end in compromise rather than a breakup.

The Awkward Breakup


Oh yea I've been ghosted πŸ™„πŸ™„
Julie Lawrence
Ghosted or iced are the worst.
There is an important one missing. The "ghosted" breakup. When they simply just disappear on you.
Excellent article. How do you get your article posted here.
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