7 Types of First Kisses You Can Have in Your Lifetime ...


Unless your first love is the one you marry, you’ll have several types of first kisses. Since all men and all relationships are different, no two kisses are the same. Some are highly sought after, while others are not so desirable. Here are the different types of first kisses you might have already had:

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Public Kiss

Public Kiss These kisses are the most common when you’re young. You’re at a boy-girl party, and your friends keep teasing you about your crush. Or maybe you’re at school on the playground with him, and everyone is urging you to kiss. You feel like it’s something you have to do, and you give him a quick peck on the lips. Out of all of the different types of first kisses, this is the most public one. It’s more for your friends than it is for you.


Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss You just had a lovely date, but you’re not exactly sure how he feels about you. When he drops you off, you linger to see what he does. Is he going to hug you? Maybe he’ll just give a cute wave and leave without touching you at all. Of course, your worries evaporate once he leans in and gives you a soft kiss on the lips.


Perfect Kiss

Perfect Kiss A perfect first kiss can take place anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a beach at sunset or in your dorm room. All that matters is that you’re crazy about the guy you’re with, and that he feels the same. When you lock lips, you feel butterflies and hear fireworks and experience every other cliche in the book. The moment is perfect, and you know you’ll be with the man for a while.


Awkward Kiss

Awkward Kiss An awkward kiss doesn’t mean a bad kiss. When you’re both nervous, it’s easy for an intimate act to become clumsy. If you bump noses or don’t move at the same pace, be patient. It could take you a few minutes to get used to one another. Once you’re familiarized, an awkward kiss could become pretty perfect.


Unexpected Kiss

Unexpected Kiss You’re out with the man you like, having a grand old time. You’re not even thinking about his lips on yours, because you’re too busy laughing at his jokes. Then, in the middle of one of your stories, he leans in. You don’t expect it, so there’s no time to be nervous. You simply get to enjoy the moment.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

Impatient Kiss

Impatient Kiss You’re on a date, waiting for him to make a move. You’ve been sitting close together, flirting, and making eyes all night. What on earth is he waiting for? Maybe you’ve been reading all of his signs wrong, or maybe he’s just as nervous as you. You have to decide whether you should be the one to go in for the kiss or if you should wait a little longer to see what he does.


The impatient kiss is a common experience in the dating world. It can happen on a first date or even after several dates of flirting and chemistry. This type of kiss is characterized by the intense desire for physical intimacy and the anticipation of the other person's move. It can be a nerve-wracking moment, as both parties are unsure of how the other will react. However, it can also be a bold and confident move, showing that you are not afraid to take charge of the situation. Ultimately, the impatient kiss can lead to a passionate and unforgettable first kiss experience.


Long Awaited Kiss

Long Awaited Kiss You’ve been friends for years and interested for just as long. Or maybe you have a long distance relationship, so it’s difficult to see him in person. Either way, you’ve been waiting months for this kiss to occur. When it finally does, you want everything to go well. In the end, everything ends up magically, because such a long wait made the kiss even more enjoyable.

Whether things go well or poorly, first kisses are always exciting. Do you have any first kiss stories that are especially good or bad? Tell us all about it!

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Yep that's true when it come to a first kiss with your partner

This guy and I have had a 'will they won't they' ever since we met! We went on a walk to this bridge which is one of my favourite places and he made a move. It was awkward, unexpected and definitely long awaited but perfect :)

cherry bubble i havent either

I never had a first kiss but how do I find a guy I like ? I looked everywhere but can't find the him. Help!

My first kiss 😘 was awesome I can remember the it was a mid-term 🙈..we kissed for almost 15 minutes 💞..

ok i have never had my first kiss but this is what i want it to be like

My first kiss was bittersweet. It was in school, and I was walking to class with him. He had a crush on me and it was already awkward cause I knew about it. We kept talking till there was no one in the halls. Then he jumped in front of me and kissed me. It took me by surprise! It was awkward.😂

I've had all these kisses with my boyfriend. The first one was the goodbye-kiss, but after that we sure experienced all these kisses! ☺️

Mine was slightly awkward. He had walked me to my car and then we started talking. Then it started raining, he continued to talk like it didnt bother him at all but all i could think about in the back of my mind was how he could end up getting sick. The conversation was so good that I invited him in my car so we could keep talking (which we did, to my surprise for two hours!). Then he does this cheesy line of "Please don't slap me, may I kiss you?" I was sort of taken by surprise because he was the first guy to ever ask for permission to kiss me. I found it quite sweet but it also made me a little nervous. And then he leaned over and kissed me. Man is he a good kisser! I was like "Yup! This is the one!" Been with him ever since :)

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