2. He's Hysterical

Every girl loves a good sense of humor. This type of guy jokes about everything in order to impress you. He’s never serious and always aims to get a laugh. He’ll do impressions, make bad puns, and try his hardest to get you to smile. He’s not happy unless he’s making someone else happy.

Direct Dude


Rachel Abert
@Natalie can I be your friend to follow you
omg so so true!
very true, I love this app !
Very true! Dealing with a shy guy atm lol
I like guys who are genuine.
Totally true!
I would agree #4 I like the shy type who prefer to be sincerely
Laurel Wyrick
I disagree with #6. Guys that show their "appreciation" by being a jerk, aren't always guys any girl should be with.
The girl in the pic look like the thing in dr seuss ☺
Fai P Wong
Most of this Sounds like a guy I'm dating like now lol
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