5. Flirting to Get a Self Esteem Boost

Sometimes a good flirt can be a great way to get a self esteem boost. If you're suffering from one of those days when you just don't feel like your fab self, simply try to get your flirt on with someone.

Just put yourself out there by chatting to a guy at the gym or the grocery storeβ€”they'll probably feel flattered that a girl actually talked to them first, and they might return the favor with a compliment that really brightens your day. Sometimes all you need to boost your mood is a little interaction with a cute guy. But you won't get an interaction like this if you stare at the ground and try to avoid talking to anyone. In other words, don't stop being a flirt just because you feel down.

Flirting Online or via Text


Teri Fox
Ingrid Bourke
Im guilty!
So true..!! :D
Ya Tan
My best friend and I were at a nightclub, we flirted with this average looking guy because we wanted some drinks and were broke, I know it sounds cheap and hell YOLO, but he got us 2 drinks each, so worth it ! 😂 I'm get shameless sometimes 🙊
So true
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