7 Types of Love You May Experience in Life ...


Even though most people associate love with romance, there are tons of different types of love out there. Movies usually stick to portraying romantic love, where two people fall head over heels for each another, and end up getting married and having little babies. However, there are different types of love that you may have already experienced without realizing it:

1. Platonic Love

Love doesn’t always have to have a sexual element to it. Don’t you have friends that you absolutely adore? If you would do anything for your bestie, but don’t feel any romantic or sexual attachment to them, then that’s platonic love. It’s one of the types of love that occurs the most often, because there are so many people in your life that you have platonic connections to.

Unrequited Love


Unrequited love.....:'(
unrequited love and it hurts so much!! ;'(
All except true love. Figures 😒
True love 💜
Bonnie Mcneice
Motherly love. The strongest love of all....
My puppy love turned into unrequited love 😪oh erll
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