17 Types of Memories You Should Make with Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

17 Types of Memories You Should Make with Your Boyfriend ...

If you're with the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with, you have decades to create fun memories. Of course, it's never too early to start. Here are a few types of memories you should make with your boyfriend over the course of your relationship:

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Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories It doesn't matter if it's Halloween or Valentine's Day. You should always do something memorable on the holidays together, like go out on special dates.


Vacation Memories

Vacation Memories Have you two ever been on a road trip together? It's time to go on one, so you can stay in a hotel room together for the first time.


Crafty Memories

Crafty Memories It doesn't matter how creative you two are. You should make some crafts together. Make tye-dyed shirts, decorate mugs, or build a birdhouse.


Sporty Memories

Sporty Memories Get out and get active. Play badminton, soccer, or tennis together--or at least go ice skating.


Picture Memories

Picture Memories You have all of your memories locked up in your mind, but it can never hurt to take pictures. That way, you can share your memories with your friends and family.

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Cooking Memories

Cooking Memories Have you ever baked with your man? Make something delicious, like a cake or brownies.


Kissing Memories

Kissing Memories Kiss in a memorable place, like on the top of a ferris wheel or at a museum.


Sexy Memories

Sexy Memories If you're sexually active, you should be able to say that your partner gave you the best sex of your life. If that hasn't happened yet, light some candles, put on some sensual music, and make it a night to remember.


Date Memories

Date Memories Have you two been on a memorable date? If not, you should try to find a place to go that you'll never forget.


Friend Memories

color, hair, face, photograph, image, You should hang out with your man's friends, and he should hang out with your friends. Everyone should try to get along.


Family Memories

Family Memories If you two are serious, you'll probably have some interesting memories that involve your boyfriend and your family members. Hopefully they're positive ones!


Musical Memories

Musical Memories Try learning how to play an instrument together. If that doesn't work, you should at least try dancing together.


Late Night Memories

Late Night Memories Some of your best memories will be made after midnight. For some reason, it's easier to open up to others when it's late at night.


Early Morning Memories

Early Morning Memories If you've ever woken up next to the love of your life, you know how special it is. It's a memory you'll never forget.


Embarrassing Memories

Embarrassing Memories Some of the best stories come from embarrassing moments. So don't get upset when something ridiculous happens to you, because you'll be able to laugh at it one day.


Secret Memories

Secret Memories Some memories aren't meant to be shared with your friends. They should stay between the two of you.


Mundane Memories

Mundane Memories Sometimes, the mundane memories are the ones that'll make you smile the widest. The days that you two go grocery shopping together don't seem like a big deal, but they're nice to think about on a rainy day.

If you're with the right man, you'll have a lifetime to make these memories! Have you made any of them with your boyfriend yet? How long have you two been together?

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My heart is melting! So sweet

I love all of these ideas! Experienced most of them with my sweet cheeks ❤️ we've been together for the past 4 years :)

We have experienced all these memories😙

Rachel and Finn. The feels ;-;

I love them all. If only I was allowed a boyfriend. Maybe I should just date anyway

Yes @chickie date anyway

This is cute!

Good for you! I have an asshole and we have never done any of that.

Love this!!! We have been together for a year and a half and we have done a lot of these things but not all... I now have some more ideas... 😊