7. Mr. “I Only Care about My Kids”

This guy has won your love by showing what a great father he is and has really impressed you by how much he loves his children. You really admire him for all the sacrifices he makes in order to see his kids happy and you think that he might be the perfect guy for you. Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with a responsible father.

But when this man focuses too much on his children and never has enough time for you or your relationship, you should start asking yourself if he will ever find a place for you in his heart or in his life.

In my opinion, these were the most significant types of men who will never marry you, no matter what you do. I’m sure my list is incomplete though, so I’ll need you to give me a hand. What other types of men would you add to this list? Do tell!

Sources: huffingtonpost.com


Don't forget Mr. "I only want sex"!
hell naw... got ne thinking!!!
Christina C
5. Is completely true when I was 18 there was this old man about 45 who would always come to my work and try to flirt with me. I was younger and I only thought of him as a bank . He actually thought t...
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