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Since you never want to be without your mate, there are types of pictures of your boyfriend that you should have on your phone or camera so that they're always with you. You never know when you'll start missing him, and a photo has the potential to cheer you up. Of course, you might want to show your friends the picture, too, so you'll have to take some that are appropriate for them to see. Here are a few types of pictures of your boyfriend you should have on hand:

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Kissing Picture

Kissing Picture You don't need to plaster these pictures all over the Internet, but you should have some for yourself. When the two of you are alone, press your lips together while you press the button on your camera. This is one of the pictures of your boyfriend you need to have so you can stare at it on the days you're missing his sweet kisses.


Hot Picture

Hot Picture Don't be ashamed to admit that you love looking at your boyfriend with his shirt off. You should have at least one picture of him looking sexy, even if he's bundled up in a sweater. Just have one that'll always make you wonder how you got to be so lucky.


Silly Picture

Silly Picture Relationships are no fun if you're always being serious. You don't want a dozen pictures of him with a blank expression and none with a smile. Try to get him to take a photo where he's making a funny face or wearing something silly--anything that'll make you laugh when you look at it.


Couple's Picture

Couple's Picture This is the picture the you'll show your aunts when they ask to see what your new boyfriend looks like. It's a simple photo of the two of you holding hands or hugging in a cute location. Since this is the picture that you're going to be showing everyone, you want to make sure that it's perfect. Everyone should know just how attractive he is.


Pet Picture

Pet Picture If he has a little brother or a tiny puppy, he should take a picture with him. I mean, what's cuter than a man holding a small animal or child? Every time you look at it, you'll be reminded of how sweet your sweetheart is. You're just the luckiest girl in the world.


Family Picture

Family Picture It's nice to have one of his family photos so you can show your parents what his parents look like. It's also a good reminder that he's close with his family and treats his loved ones right. Maybe his family will even let you sneak into their next photo, because they like you so much!


The "Signature Outfit" Picture

The "Signature Outfit" Picture There's probably an outfit or a sweatshirt of some kind that your man wears often. It's his signature item, so you need to have a picture of him in it. Whenever your mind thinks of him, you imagine him in that outfit, so you should have a concrete photo of it.

It's nice to have pictures of your boyfriend so you can always see him, even when he's far away. Plus, they're great to carry around so you can brag to your friends about how gorgeous your man is. Do you have an entire phone full of photos of your partner, or is he camera shy?

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You put Tom Hiddleston for the cover! Bless this post

any ideas for a good christmas gift for him?


There's some few pictures that I have keep my boyfriend in my iPad tablet .Juse in case... I miss seeing his face and could thinking about him while he's at work...😔

Creative gifts for him


Maybe not number 1, but love everything else! :)

I really need new photos of my man, I have some nice ones but they're years old now!

No. 5 my parents knows my boyfriend parents since when I was 12 years old. 😅

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