3 Types of Vaginal Orgasm You Should Know about ...


3 Types of Vaginal Orgasm You Should Know about ...
3 Types of Vaginal Orgasm You Should Know about ...

Orgasms, we all love to have them, but how much do you actually know about them beyond the fact that they feel great? For instance, did you know that there are actually three different types that you can have? Listen up, you’re about to learn some things! Here are three types of vaginal orgasm that you should definitely know about!

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This is the one that has the highest success rate among women. It doesn’t involve any penetration at all, simply stimulation through rubbing, licking, sucking, or grinding the clitoris. It is the easiest orgasm to achieve because the external clitoris is the easiest erogenous zone to find, but what you sacrifice for ease of use is the fact that a clitoral orgasm often provides the lightest intensity.


Despite its seemingly lower intensity, clitoral orgasms are far from mundane. Many women report a delightful crescendo of pleasure that radiates across the pelvic area, making it a favorite for quick and satisfying pleasure. Its ease of access means that alongside self-exploration, it also allows for seamless incorporation during sexual activities with a partner. If given proper attention and built up with anticipation, the resulting clitoral climax can be quite powerful and immensely gratifying, bolstered by the fact that the clitoris boasts a dense network of nerve endings – a true testament to its potential for profound pleasure.



Despite what some men might think, the g-spot really does exist! It is a mass of nerve endings that can be found inside the upper wall of the vagina, and if you or your partner manage to find it and stimulate it through direct contact with fingers, penis, or a toy, you are in for one hell of a time. It is often g-spot stimulation that can lead to the phenomenon of ‘squirting’.


The elusive G-spot is often equated with sexual satisfaction for many women. While its exact location can vary, it is generally about two inches up the front vaginal wall. Locating this hotspot might require a bit of exploration, but once found, a woman may experience a deep, powerful orgasm that is distinct from the clitoral type. It is worth noting that not all women respond to G-spot stimulation the same way, and for some, it may not be pleasurable at all. Therefore, communication and patience are key when exploring this aspect of female sexuality.



The cervical orgasm is pretty much the holy grail of female pleasure! It is rarely experienced, but those who have been lucky enough to find the right sexual spot have reported feelings of climax that last up to five minutes! When you compare that to the mere seconds that a clitoral orgasm provides, you know for sure that you are playing in the big leagues! It might take a few tries to hit the c-spot, but the practise is still pleasurable as hell!

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