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12 Ugly Habits of Men ...

By Sici

Have you ever heard that phrase, “men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them”? Well, I happen to think that that is probably true for a lot of woman out there, and it is evidenced by the fact that we have the capacity to forgive some of the worst habits known to humankind! Of course, we all have our own different deal breakers when it comes to standards and expectations in a relationship, but guys can sometimes make it very hard for us due to the sheer number of bad habits that they can have! Here are twelve ugly habits of men! (Yeah I know women can have these habits too!)

Table of contents:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Tech addiction
  3. Untidiness
  4. Stinginess
  5. Dirty laundry
  6. Wandering eye
  7. No attention
  8. Dislike of chores
  9. Messy cook
  10. Lack of social introduction
  11. Late
  12. Self obsessed

1 Alcohol

We all love a fun drink now and then, but if he can only go from 1 to 100 in terms of getting drunk all the time, and becomes embarrassing in front of your friends and your family, then that is definitely a problem.

2 Tech Addiction

He spends more time on his phone, on his computer, and playing on his video game console than he does actually interacting with you on a daily basis.

3 Untidiness

He never got over the fact that his mum would pick up after him at home, because he still hasn’t learned how to tidy up for himself!

4 Stinginess

He has a real thing about saving money for no particular reason, to the extent where you never go out or have fun together because he is worried about spending too much.

5 Dirty Laundry

No matter what room you walk into, there is always a stray sock or two-day old pair of boxer shorts laying around!

6 Wandering Eye

He doesn’t cheat on you, but he has the really annoying habit of checking out other women when you are walking with him in the street. It can really dent your self confidence!

7 No Attention

Now that the initial dating and courting stage is over, he doesn’t tend to pay as much romantic attention to you anymore. It can make you feel unloved.

8 Dislike of Chores

Whenever you ask him to do something for you around the house, it feels like pulling teeth. You have to ask upwards of five times before he actually does anything!

9 Messy Cook

It’s nice when he offers to cook a meal for you, but he manages to use every pan and utensil in the kitchen, and never manages to clean anything properly afterward!

10 Lack of Social Introduction

You have been together for a little while now and he still hasn’t bothered to introduce you to all of his friends and family.

11 Late

He is never, ever on time for anything. It’s almost like he does it on purpose just to annoy you!

12 Self Obsessed

Without even realising he does it, he manages to relate every topic of conversation back to himself so he can tell yet another story that involves him!

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