7 Unclassy Yet Attractive 😘 Attributes You Could Have ✌🏼️ ...

Even though most of us would love to be considered classy ladies, acting appropriate and elegant 24/7 can be pretty boring. Sometimes, it's much more fun to act casually than classy. It can be much more attractive, too. That's why you shouldn't be too concerned if you're not a prim and proper lady. Here are some unclassy things that are actually incredibly attractive:

1. Wearing Casual Clothing

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You don't have to put on a mound of makeup and your best dress whenever you leave the house. Wearing sweatpants or yoga pants can make you look just as attractive as any gown ever could. Besides, a lot of men like women who appear laid-back. Being comfortable enough in your skin to leave the house without dressing to the nines is incredibly attractive.

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