7 Undeniable Signs You Are in a Flirtationship ...


There are many signs you are in a flirtationship that you should be aware of. If you are not familiar with the term, a flirtationship is defined as much more than your typical friendship but less than a romantic relationship. Do you recognize any of these signs you are in a flirtationship?

1. Constant Flirting

One of the signs you are in a flirtationship is when you are frequently flirting with a close friend. You tease him by doing childish things to him, such as poking him, stealing his cap, spanking his butt or tickling him. You laugh a lot together and enjoy hanging out. You also have nicknames for each other and inside jokes that no one understands.

What to Call It?


Merry Louie
I feel we are almost addicted to each other. People notice there's something going on but none of us has the guts to speak up...we've been in a flirtationship for 2 years already..
I think I have his with a coworker. We enjoy one another a little too much.
This flirtationship can still make things serious, not necessarily from both sides but one might fall for another.
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