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Undeniable Tips to Make Your First Kiss Perfect for Girls Dreaming of the Day ...

By Neecey

You are probably looking forward to your first proper kiss. Your first kiss is exciting but also nerve-wracking. You’ll probably feel clumsy, nervous about technique, worried about what to do with your hands … Don’t fret. This is normal. It’s ok to be a bit anxious. You’ll be fine if you follow these tips.

1 Where Your First Kiss Happens is Important

black and white, black, person, photography, monochrome photography, This is a special moment and is best shared by just the two of you. You don’t want your friends egging you on or jeering or even cheering afterward. Have your first kiss in private.

2 Pop a Breath Mint Beforehand!

person, singing, mouth, singer, singer songwriter, The absolute last thing you need, when there is already so much pressure surrounding a first kiss, is to make the mistake of having bad breath from some food that you just ate or beverage that you just drank! If you think that today could be the day, then pop a fresh smelling breath mint before you go and meet up with your crush. If it then happens, you can be assured that you taste like nothing but yummy spearmint!

3 Relax!

person, interaction, The lead up to a first kiss is always acted out on TV and in movies as a really stressful thing, but in reality, your first kiss is probably going to be with somebody who you trust and are comfortable with, so there really is no need to be anxious at all. Try to relax, and whatever happens will happen. Once it’s done, you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

4 Make Sure Your Lips Are Prepared

human action, hair, face, person, nose, To put it simple, nobody wants to kiss a pair of lips that are dry and chapped, and they equally won’t have the best time if your lips too wet and soggy! To achieve maximum kissable-ness, just remember to carry a lip balm in your pocket and surreptitiously top up a layer when you think the time might be getting near!

5 Try to Read His Body Language

human action, black and white, black, person, photography, It can be really awkward if your crush goes in for a kiss and you didn’t see it coming at all, so make sure to pay attention to his body language. Boys are not the most subtle of creatures, so it’s pretty likely that you will be able to tell when he wants to go in for the kiss if you pay close attention to his body language!

6 Don’t Overdo It the First Time round

person, conversation, interaction, 219, Sure, at this point we’ve all seen a million kiss scenes on the small and big screen that is feels like we are all pros. But remember, this is your first actual kiss, so don’t go for more than you can handle by attempting a huge Frenchie right off the bat! Work your way in to it with your crush: start off slow and see what you like and what you don’t like. What works for some people doesn’t always work for others!

7 Get Your Hands Involved

black, black and white, photograph, monochrome photography, darkness, Kissing can start to feel very awkward if both of your hands are just hanging limp at your sides. I’m not talking about going to second base here, more just the fact that you should try and involve your hands in the kissing: things like running your hands through their hair, touching their face, gently holding their sides - all of these little gestures make it even better.

8 Remember to Smile!

human action, person, black and white, photograph, black, After all, kissing is fun! Don’t overthink it to the point where you are treating it like a serious science experiment. The most important thing to do is smile so that your crush knows you are having a good time!

9 Call the Tune

human action, person, photograph, kiss, black and white, No matter how inexperienced you are, your first kiss should leave him wanting more. You can help this along by being the first to pull away / end the lip lock. Do it gently and naturally otherwise he’ll think you weren’t enjoying it.

It doesn’t matter if your first kiss isn’t perfect. You’ve passed the hurdle and now you can stop being anxious and be more of yourself without nerves getting in the way.

We’d love to hear your first kiss stories. Was it a delight or a disaster? Please share!

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