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8 Undeniably Obvious First Date Don'ts ...

By Jennifer

First date don’ts — the list is long and complicated, with a lot of items you think would be obvious, common sense things. But just in case you’re not quite sure what’s acceptable and what’s just plain wrong, here are 8 undeniably obvious first date don'ts. Read them, know they by heart, and for goodness’ sake, don’t do them!

1 Don’t Be Late!

There’s something completely disrespectful about being late for a date, a first date especially! I always aim to be five minutes early, so even if I’m running a little behind, I still won’t be late.

2 Don’t Text

This is another obvious first date don’t, so I’m always amazed to see people doing this. It’s simple: if you’re on a first date, you want to give them your full attention. That means no texting! And, for the record, keep reading…


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3 Don’t Talk on Your Cell Phone

… along with banning yourself from texting (a personal first date don’t pet peeve), don’t chat on your cell phone. It’s a clear signal that you’re not taking the date seriously. Of course, if you’re trying to send that message to your date, feel free!

4 Don’t Complain/brag

There’s little in this life more annoying than spending an hour with a braggart or a whiner. So, if either of these describes you, try to rein it in for at least the first date. Especially unattractive in men: bragging or complaining about your salary.

5 Don’t Bad-mouth Exes

We’ve all had psychotic or cruel exes, but the first date isn’t the right time to bad-mouth them, or really to talk about them at all. This is a first date don’t I just don’t understand — it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something else to talk about, should it?

6 Don’t Be a Slob!

I’ve actually had a guy show up for a first date in sweatpants and a stained tee shirt. While I don’t expect a man to wear a tux on our first date, I also don’t want a guy to be a total slob, either. Remember, this might be your first chance to make a good impression! So don’t be a slob.

7 Don’t Expect Him to Pay

This is the year 2011, not 1950. These days, couples usually split the bill, or at the very least, it’s not an automatic assumption that the man will pay. Typically now, the deal is this: whoever asks for the date, pays. If a guy pays, offer to leave the tip.

8 Don’t Get Too Physical

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a kiss after a great first date, I wouldn’t recommend doing much more, physically, than that. This is, oddly enough, a first date don’t a lot of us tend to break. There are so many reasons this is a bad idea, from the fact that you’re likely to be thought of as easy, to the much more pragmatic concern about appropriate birth control. Who prepares for a first date by bringing condoms?

With so many first date don’ts, is there anything you ARE allowed to do? Yes! Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy getting to know someone new! What are your first date don’ts and do’s? What’s the strangest thing a guy’s ever done on a first date with you? Please share!

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