7 Understandable Worries That Can Ruin Relationships ...

By Holly

As much as we love our men, there are worries that can ruin relationships. Even if you’re perfect for each other, it’s natural to have doubts. No couple is perfect. There are worries that can ruin relationships that everyone will have at some point.

Table of contents:

  1. jealousy jitters
  2. husband material
  3. fickle finances
  4. not enough
  5. low likability
  6. rushed relationship
  7. obsessed with ex

1 Jealousy Jitters

One of the worries that can ruin relationships involves other women. If you think your boyfriend is going to cheat on you, try to figure out the source of your worry. If you were cheated on in the past, then you need to remember that your current man is not your ex. You can’t blame him for the way you were treated in the past, and need to learn to trust him. However, if your boyfriend is giving you viable reasons to worry, by flirting with others and behaving questionably, then you need to have a discussion with him.

2 Husband Material

If you can’t picture a future with him, then you might end up ruining your present relationship. Just because you can’t picture marrying the man you’re with, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break up with him. It’s hard to picture the future. If you really love him, you can stay together, and things will work out. Of course, if there’s a major issue that you disagree on, like whether or not you want to have kids, you’ll have to end the relationship eventually. Until then, enjoy your time with him.

3 Fickle Finances

Couples who have trouble paying the bills can argue over financial issues. Even wealthy men and women disagree on how their money should be spent. If your man complains about you spending too much, or vice versa, it could put a strain on your relationship. Once you start sharing money, you’ll see how responsible your partner is. If you’re constantly worried about him draining your bank account, fights will follow.

4 Not Enough

If you don’t think you’re good enough for your partner, you might try to push him away for his own good. You have to remember that he’s in a relationship with you, because he loves you. Don’t lose him, because of your lack of confidence. You might feel like you’re not good enough for him, but he might feel the same way about you. Just treat him as best as you can.

5 Low Likability

If you’re worried about his friends and family not liking you, you might shy away from associating with them. In order to have a healthy relationship, you need to be comfortable with the other people that your man loves. Don’t you want your boyfriend and friends to like one other? Wouldn’t it make life easier? For the good of your relationship, you need to try to get along with his friends and family members.

6 Rushed Relationship

Don’t worry about how quickly or slowly your relationship is progressing. Everyone moves at their own pace. Don’t compare the speed of your current relationship with past relationships. If he hasn’t asked you to move in yet, don’t fret. He might need just a little more time.

7 Obsessed with Ex

It’s unhealthy to constantly worry about how your ex-boyfriend is doing. If you’re always stalking his social media pages, you’re not focused on your current relationship. You can’t live in the past. Unless you’re planning on getting back together with an ex, stop daydreaming about him. It won’t do you any good.

Don’t let silly worries ruin something wonderful. Focus on the positives of your relationship instead of the negatives. What’s your favorite thing about your boyfriend?

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