2. Game Night Marathon

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If you are trying to save for Summer vacation and don’t want to spend too much on Valentine’s Day, stay in and have a game night marathon challenge. The games can be actual board games, card games, ones you play on a gaming console, or a mix of all three...the choice is yours! It’s a fun way to challenge each other and have an intimate night together without having to break the bank, or spend any money at all.



I have NO CLUE what im dooing for valentines-day, my boyfriend Planes something but won't tell me ^_^ im really excited !
Cindee Schneider
My family is having a pizza party and then my daughter and son- in-law are going to reveil wether they are having a boy or girl!!!
@Melissa, darling your day will come
@Joey at least it's not Christmas and a birthday! My poor fiancΓ© DREADS December 😂
Lol I hope my valentine doesn't cost me a harm and a leg. When u have 2 event in the same month, valentine and birthday.
Susan elfman
I agree with Melissa. But, I do love geocashing.
To the girls who actually have a valentine, have fun. While the rest of just dread the day.
Your right there crap
@Maree hii
These are not very good ideas
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