11. Tell Him What You Want


While letting a guy take control, as previously stated, will definitely get him going this is something else that might work. Sometimes guys like you taking control and knowing what you want. To do this you have to be confident! Don't be timid and ask for what you want, demand it. This will definitely guy your guys engines roaring, plus you'll get what you want.

Strip Tease


I dated a guy and he never even went to go explore downstairs with kisses or anything! He went straight to the deed. Worst sex ever!! Never spoke to him again and he wonders why?
Heather Jensen
Hi Sarah! I think that guys are fickle -- they don't think about the girl really. I would try talking to him -- or even try spicing things up a little bit.
My husband never goes down on me..rarely touches me.and I pretty much always do all that has been mentioned in this article to get him excited, but he always skips foreplay. He was a virgin when we fi...
@Steve, OMG YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Myriam Edmundson
@David, why do you keep saying "we" like all guys like and want the same thing? I don't think all guys want the same thing, I've been with a few and they've all been very different. Like women. That's...
I'd add to let your fingers and tongue do the walking. I only recently discovered the thrill of ass-tongue play, but now every time I go down on her, I sort of hint in that direction. If she wants i...
I love licking pussy and making my girl have an orgasm I know some guys say that don't go down there but we all know that's a bunch of b. s. come on dude if she suckin yu up how are you not gonna do the same for her!!!
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