14. Surprise Him

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When he comes home from a long day at work, surprise him by waiting in bed for him. Better yet, lead him to the bed with a trail of your clothes and underwear! He'll likely be very surprised as well excited to find out what's waiting for him. Just make sure that you don't fall asleep in bed waiting for him, talk about a mood killer!

Get a Little Rough


@huey nope!!!!
I'm a newly wed of only a year this month. I love sex everyday if I could get it . My husband is a once a week sometimes once every two week kinda guy. He has been that way since day one. Is that norm...
@Sarah, No your doing nothing wrong. He was a virgin and you were his first. So here's a couple of things that may help. 1st, because he has only been with you, change things up on him so he does not ...
Chris W
@Shane Constantine, I'm the same way...but trying to find time, either with a partner or solo is important..
Chris W
@richard, that'd b hot
Oh man I am loving the comments on this post!!! :)
My wife soon ex has a tilted vagina the only way she comes is her on top. Mission is difficult. I love going down she says she doesn't want me to.
Would watching porn help a relationship? What if it becomes an issue?
The thing that I do that drives my man wild is: while in missionary position, run my fingers through his hair, then keeping a hold of his head
Aubrey Heber
The two things that drive my man crazy are when I play and lightly bite his nipples, and when I run my fingernails lightly up and down his whole body when I'm going down on him :) the sensation drives him crazy!
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